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Michael Jager
John Siddle
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Palmetto is growing, with the ambition to reach more people, increase home efficiency, and transform our planet. These are lofty goals. They rely upon communicating with consistency, impact, and differentiation to homeowners, sales and service providers and field teams. 

The category is marked by confusion, lack of clarity and questionable reliability. Current sales approaches rely on rational attributes, leaving the door open to those who inspire and evoke emotion. Palmetto is focused on transparency, access and operational excellence, enabled by a technological platform that is singularly easy and effective. Palmetto must strike an internal balance between product and brand, all while communicating directly with consumers.



Whom are we talking to,
and what do we know about them?

1. Any homeowner with a utility bill and a home that could be more efficient. We know they: - Want guidance on their clean energy options. - Want to save money. - Want a seamless experience with a partner they can trust.

Palmetto provides homeowners with a digital platform that allows them to see the drivers of utility usage in their home, then helps them to procure the tools / services (solar and beyond) to take control of their utility usage and, in turn, their bills.

2. Sales Members + Service Providers: Palmetto provides end-to-end CRM and lead-gen tools (logistics platform), and a gateway to add-on products and services, which allow them to offer multiple solutions to their customers.

3. Installers / Field Operators: The Palmetto app provides a consistent, easy to use “gig” platform (like Task Rabbit, for ex.).

Palmetto is unique in two ways: first, a commitment to excellence via a turnkey, end-to-end experience. And, second, a true commitment to, and passion for, the change that comes from propelling the future of home efficiency.



No one has to navigate their energy future alone. With Palmetto as the partner, the power to make smart decisions is in the hands of the homeowner. In this direction, we explore the visual implications of homeowner empowerment. The palette is expanded to include colors that are open and energetic while also allowing Palmetto’s existing green to step forward. Illustration adds brand personality and clarity to oerings, with the geometric “grid” being verstile enough for mass scalability and use as standalone elements.



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