From coloring books to coloring lives!

My back story
Yellow! Blue! Black!
Spotting beautiful colors executed in the most gorgeous of ways, is what truly attracted me to design. I remember I was in 14years old, sitting with my mom opening a book, and showing her a simple illustration of a hot-air balloon. That’s when I communicated to her, and myself for the first time that I want to be a designer!

Birthdays, anniversaries,  festivals - and you know right we Indians got quite some, every person close to me was getting a handmade card, a diy crafted flower or if they are lucky maybe even a crafted paper bouquet. Sometimes crochet clips, and huge scrapbooks filled with photographs, memories and quotes. There always has been an innate desire to express what I love, and bring a smile on people’s faces when they receive them. I have found the same smile and spark with my work through people, to this day.

Getting Started!
I started my journey as a Communication Designer, and explored multiple facets of design during my undergraduate studies. Having worked with many established design studios, I came to a realization that I am a brand designer who sees living people in every brand. Thus continued my passion to pursue MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience in SCAD. It was not anytime later, I saw the holistic, and end-to-end process that design is capable of offering to its users. 

Outgrowing into Product
This passion of seeing these living brands grow in multilateral ways like creating physical and digital products and experiences that interact with people, has outgrown my love for graphic design. UX started to gratify me, when I saw people directly interact with the solution I create, and the potential of impact that can be made.

What gets me out of bed everyday
In this life, I want to continue to push my efforts to create a world that supports every woman's aspirations and ideas! I want to stand up for causes and design with ideas that improve the lives of women everywhere. Some of my other over ambitious goals are also bringing gender parity in workplaces, and at some point initiating a design school in India.

Stuff I am good at

Product Design
+ User Research
+ Design Sprints
+ Workshop Facilitation
+ User Experience
+ UX Strategy
+ Data Informed Design
+ User Interface Design
+ Storyboarding
+ Persona Development
+ Journey Mapping
+ Information Architecture
+ Wireframing
+ Rapid Prototyping
+ Usability Testing

Visual Design
+ Identity design
+ Branding
+ Strategy
+ Illustration
+ Editorial Design

+ Sketch
+ Figma
+ Adobe XD
+ Invision
+ Adobe Photoshop
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Adobe After Effects
+ Zeplin


Feel like a good fit?


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